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William Sipper Identifies New Marketing Strategies in the Food and Beverage Industry

William Sipper of Cascadia Managing Brands

William Sipper of Cascadia Managing Brands

William Sipper on beverage marketing stratgies

William Sipper on beverage marketing stratgies

Beverage industry marketing guru William Sipper shares how top marketers are changing strategies to cut through the competition

Brands need to gt hyper-focused on these strategies to stand out from the crowd and achieve success in a highly competitive marketplace.”
— William Sipper

RAMSEY, NJ, UNITED STATES, May 24, 2018 / -- William Sipper, a widely respected figure in the beverage industry, has observed how the best marketers in the food and beverage industry are changing their marketing strategies to cut through the competition and draw attention to their products.

Larger companies usually have the finances to put up billboards, take out TV advertisements, use influencers and market across all social media platforms. But it is possible for smaller food and beverage companies to deliver a message through a well-designed brand without having to use expensive advertising.

The fact that they don’t have as much to spend means they have more incentive to use their marketing budgets wisely. Failure usually has devastating consequences for them, so they need to have a real grip on consumer behavior and future trends. Here are some of the strategies marketers need to use to make sure they meet consumer expectations.

Many studies have revealed just how much packaging contributes towards a consumer’s decision to buy. Sales of even the best product may be affected by badly designed packaging. A mediocre product that is well-packaged may be more successful.

Careful attention to packaging includes the choice of design, colors, materials and more. William Sipper sites the use of glass instead of plastic by specialty food stores. He says they are finding success in using glass for items like beverages and condiments because glass is considered superior to plastic in the eyes of consumers and has less impact on the environment.

Social Media
Engagement on social media platforms offers marketers opportunities to interact with consumers. Millennials engage with brands that have a personality they can relate to. The visual nature of products gives them the chance to share their food and drink experiences on social media. This is a way for brands to increase recognition without advertising more directly. Another advantage that comes from a presence on social media is the chance to establish relationships with influencers.

A brand mission
Consumers, especially millennials, expect brands they support to take a stand on social issues they care about. Some hot topics are animal welfare, environmental sustainability, non-GMO foods and supporting local farmers. Millennials want to know a brand’s stance on issues they regard as important.

Mobile Marketing
More people use mobile technology to search for products than ever before. This means that websites need to be optimized for mobile, paying attention to factors such as loading time of images and how content displays on a smaller screen. More mobile search engine optimization offers great results because the company appears in the search results of consumers who already know what they want to buy but don’t know exactly where to find it.

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a valuable way of increasing brand presence and sales. It is used to rank a website higher in search engines when specific terms are used. The higher a company appears in the search results, the more competitive advantage it has when people search for a specific food or beverage.

William Sipper says that if brands pay attention to these strategies, they are more likely to stand out from the crowd and achieve success in a highly competitive marketplace.

William Sipper
Cascadia Managing Brands
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